The Owner of DiamondLife

Ms. Williams is a graduate from CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a B.S. degree in Legal Studies and a minor in criminal justice. While working as a Legal Secretary for many years, she also ran a small non-profit 501(c)(3) entertainment organization for over 10+ years, where she served as Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Event Coordinator and handled the Marketing/Communications/PR work, as well as served as the Associate Producer for the public access television show. Her goal was to go to law school and become a Criminal and/or Entertainment Lawyer.

However, soon thereafter, she suffered a collapsed lung, while driving back home from a family visit in N.C.

As she was driving on the highway, she felt a sharp pain underneath the left breast area, but thought it was just hunger pains. Eventually the pain got worst, causing her to drive bent over the steering wheel. She pulled into a shopping mall in VA and her daughter ask a gentleman, that was standing nearby, to call an ambulance.

When she arrived at the hospital, the doctors said that her lung had collapsed and she came in just in time. They needed to insert a tube into her ASAP. If she had waited any longer she wouldn’t have made it.

After a month in the hospital in VA, she was finally able to go back home to N.Y. During a follow-up visit, the doctor said that if her lung didn’t improve by the next visit, a second surgery may be needed.

It was at this point that a dear friend took her to see an alternative doctor. During her session, she believed Reiki was performed. She was also put on a dietary lifestyle plan that consisted of certain fruits, veggies, nuts, plenty of water and exercise, in which she started taking-up yoga. After following the lifestyle change, the follow-up visit was a success. The second surgery was no longer needed and she was back to work part-time within two months or less.

It was then that Ms. Williams became extremely interested and eager to learn more about this alternative lifestyle to continue maintaining her health and sharing her story with others.

Ms. Williams continues to further her education in this vast field of health and wellness, and educate individuals on how to make better choices in preventing and maintaining a healthy and prosperous lifestyle of the mind, body, and spirit. She believes that many times people like to shine and look good on the outside, but the real shine glows from within.