What In The World Is Oil Pulling?

I’m sure most of you have heard of this by now and if not, I’m here to tell you a little about it. I’ve been oiling pulling for about 2 months now (off and on) and I have to say I have experienced some results from doing this. I usually like to share posts once I’ve tried or experienced it either for myself or testimonials from my clients who have tried or experienced it. So let me tell you a little about what oil pulling is and how it’s done.

Oil pulling is an ancient Indian ritual dating back thousands of years which is believed to help detoxify the teeth and gums; and also help to get rid of unwanted organisms, like bacteria, viruses, and other toxins residing inside the mouth. These eventually can cause gum disease, tooth decay and may also lead to other health issues.

Oil pulling, which does not take the place of brushing your teeth or flossing, is done as part of your morning routine and consists of taking one tablespoon of either coconut or sesame oil (the most popular oils used). I personally and presently use coconut oil.

In colder temperatures the oil will be a solid substance, while in warmer temperatures it will turn into a liquid substance. If the solid substance is too much for you at first, you can melt the oil. The oil then mixes with the saliva as you swish the oil all around in the mouth, as you would like a mouthwash, in between the teeth and all around the gums for about 20 minutes. Yes, I know – 20 minutes?? Well if you’re new to oil pulling you can start with 5 minutes and then work your way up to 20 minutes.

During this process make sure you do not swallow the oil as you will be ingesting all of those toxins you’re trying to get rid of. Once you are done, the liquid will be sort of a creamy white semi-thick substance. You’ll then spit the substance into the trashcan as opposed to your sink or toilet because the oil can eventually solidify and clog the pipes.

Then you can follow by rinsing out the mouth and brushing and flossing your teeth as usual, but preferably brushing with an all-natural toothpaste. A toothpaste which has neem in it, as neem is said to have antibacterial properties that can stop bacteria from sticking to your teeth and turning into plaque.

The top five (5) health benefits that have been popular and that I would like to share is:

1. Promoting oral hygiene by helping to reduce cavities and the buildup of plaque-induced gingivitis.
2. to increase energy because oil pulling lowers the amount of work that the immune system has to perform in order to clear out toxic wastes from the body.
3. detoxify the body because the toxins come from the mouth, and when swallowed can go directly into the bloodstream which may cause health issues. By oil pulling we help to gather most of those toxins before it can go into the body/bloodstream.
4. helps keep the skin clear by removing the toxins that would have gone into the bloodstream. This is why it is said to use natural products on the skin because all of the chemicals from most products go directly into the bloodstream. If you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t use it on your skin. 5. it whitens your teeth naturally without all the chemicals that are used to whiten the teeth.

The mouth is a place where bacteria, viruses, and other toxins reside. If we have a weak immune system and it becomes overloaded or burdened by eating a poor diet, having too much stress in your life, not exercising, dealing with environmental toxins and so on and so forth, these organisms can spread throughout the body and can cause health problems/diseases.

For me personally, and I can’t say this can or will work for you, but I have noticed that since I’ve been oil pulling, the slight tooth ache I had before is no longer aching. In addition, I have also noticed that my teeth look slightly whiter; both the teeth and gums look healthier and the mouth feels much cleaner after this process as opposed to just brushing my teeth. If I’m implementing all of the other aspects, like eating right, exercising and not letting stress get to me, my energy level is pretty good and my skin seems to be clear.

So go ahead and try oil pulling for at least two weeks straight or longer and see what is does for you. It doesn’t hurt, it’s affordable and it’s all natural.


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